Thermometers UK

Specialist in digital thermometers and electronic thermometers.

Thermometers UK offers a wide and expanding range of digital thermometers, regular and electronic thermometers to cater for all your temperature needs. For personal and family use our UV Index meter measures UV sun exposure. For the nursery the selection includes a baby, ear and room thermometer with an adorable duck digital thermometer for the bath.

In the kitchen a food thermometer is a must. Store food at the correct temperature with a dial bi-metallic fridge thermometer and freezer thermometer or choose from our range of digital thermometers for cold storage. For a cooking thermometer our range includes the dial meat thermometer, digital oven thermometer and even extends to your garden cooking, with our  bbq fork thermometer.

To help maintain a comfortable home environment our conservatory thermometers are available in both dial and digital design. And finally, for those moments of justifiable indulgence the cappuccino thermometer will help give your coffee the ultimate froth whilst our sugar thermometer could help you create a sticky sweet accompaniment.